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We are here for all of your digital photography needs and information from choosing the right camera for you, creatively editing your snapshots, loads of hints on getting that great shot, how to maintain your camera in top condition and much much more. Whether your a beginner, amateur or an accomplished pro, there is something here for you. Our aim is to assist you in your choice of equipment, improve your knowledge in shooting techniques and editing and increasing your creative ambition and joy of this wonderful fulfilling pastime.

There are over a billion digital cameras sold each year worldwide, in the different types such as DSLR, Point & Shoot compact digital cameras, and mobile smart phones with digital camera built in that now have image capture capabilities greater than most earlier digital cameras. It is no wonder that photography is the most influential and popular visual medium the world has ever known, with more than 40 billion images being shared online and more being added every hour of every day, it is awesome. The ever quickening evolution of digital technology has allowed amateurs of all cultures, classes, religions and races to enter this art form once only open to professionals. With the ease of use, it has also allowed anyone to take beautiful photographs and let the creative juices flow through a whole population of new digital photographers, and even the more ordinary images can be transformed into creative artworks with the digital image editing software now available to all and sundry.

From school children to grand parents, it seems everyone, no matter what experience, is getting in on this revolution and sharing images on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like for the whole world to enjoy their creative and sometimes personal life moments. If a picture tells a thousand words, with more than 40 billion online now, that’s a lifetime of stories to be interpreted and told. With more photographs currently taken in a year than were ever taken in the entire photographic pre-digital history, it is easy to understand how popular this pastime has become and even for amateurs it can even very profitable with more online avenues to sell your images being created all the time.

I hope that within this site you can find all of your answers relating to digital photography, and that I can help to increase your enthusiasm for this wonderful art form and aid in improving your abilities to create and capture the images in the way that you see them, enjoy.

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    Adobe Photoshop Elements 11
    Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 photo editing software will help edit your pictures with powerful, easy-to-use options and then share them via print, the web, Facebook, and more. Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 will help you take in the moment knowing you can easily turn your everyday snapshots into amazing photos.

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

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    JYC Pro1-D Wide Band Pro-MC UV 55mm Filter for Digital Camera
    Ultra thin filter frames to help avoid vigneting on super wide angle lenses are also designed to hold a lens cap. The filter is equipped with a straight knurling edge for non-slip, easy attachment and removal.

    JYC Pro1-D Wide Band Pro-MC UV 55mm Filter for Digital Camera

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